This page is where we will list all of Marion’s upcoming speaking events. If there are no events listed, please check back at another time.

If you are interested in booking Marion for an event, please get in touch.

It has been pointed out to me that I have neglected to keep this page up to date. Since 2007 when my autobiography ‘Dropping The Habit’ was published I have been invited to give talks based on my life before, during and after I left the convent. I have spoken to a variety of audiences: A good number of Women’s Institutes, Townwomen’s Guilds, Probus, Rotary, Inner Wheel, Tangent, various retirement groups, Library members. My last talk was to introduce my two novels to the South East district of the Society of Authors.

I have also taken part in the BBC Listening Project and other BBC productions as outlined in the ‘About the Author’ given on the final pages of my books.

I am already booked for 5th March and the 10th of May 2019.

I will try to keep this page up-to-date. Thank you Trish and was it Alister for pointing this out to me while I was on the ukulele course in Abingworth!

Date Location Time Subject
18/01/2012 Chertsey Road Hall, Windlesham 8:00 pm Books
05/04/2012 Guildford - information to follow Books
12/04/2012 Catholic Church, Fleet 2:30 pm Books
07/07/2012 Church Crookham WI 2:45 pm Books
19/07/2012 University of the Third Age, Blackwater Valley 1:15 pm Books:Dropping the Habit + Searching for Love and Love as Strong
Searching for Love and A Love as strong
10/04/2018 Sonning Golf Club Inner Wheel Group 12:14 am Dropping the Habit
14/06/2018 Radock WI Lower Earley 7:30 pm
28/06/2018 Ashtead Mothers' Union 10:11 am My life and books