Hampshire Writers’ Winchester University 12th June 2018

Monday, 18th June 2018

As members of Hampshire Writers’ those of us who had been published were invited to set up a table in the university on which we could display and invite those partaking in the evenings celebrations to purchase our books.

I was among twelve other authors pitching our various books. It proved to be a successful evening for me. Many of the participants returned to tell me that they had thoroughly enjoyed reading my autobiography ‘Dropping The Habit’ and now wished to buy my novels:’ Searching for Love’ and ‘A Love As Strong’. Of course I was thrilled.

The selling of books only lasted for an hour and a half. We then entered the Sparks Hall to listen to Alan Titchmarsh speaking. We were all delighted that the Founder of the Hampshire Writers, Barbara Large was able to join us in the Hall. She is recovering from cancer.

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