Ukulele Bonanza at Abingworth West Sussex 16th November 2018

Tuesday, 20th November 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed this ukulele course! Friday afternoon to Monday. A weekend of workshops led by excellent and entertaining tutors Chris, Robin and Dave. There were thirty-six participants so we split into three groups of mixed experience and ability. We were exposed to different  styles: fingerpicking, jazz, classical, blues techniques etc, way beyond what I could master!

I loved the night when our teachers invited us to their concert. They were so entertaining, humorous and different in approaches. But it was not until the last evening when those on the course performed their individual contributions that I became aware of their  superb giftedness and achievements.

It was indeed a pleasure enjoying the company of talented players who willing shared their giftedness. Skilled ukulele playing, confidently singing often of their own compositions all genuinely appreciated by each other.

The description of this hfholiday course stated that it was ‘suitable for those with experience playing the ukulele’. Possibly ….no doubt, I was not qualified to take part? I was definitely challenged. However, I am delighted that I have been exposed to so many possibilities. Maybe I will never attain the standard reached by such a lovely group of people none-the-less I and determined to master plucking the melody of part of Dvorak’s ‘New World Symphony’ …the part that most folk call the ‘Hovis advert!

The tutors enthusiasm and ability to teach and encourage together with the company of genuinely lovely participants helped to make this holiday really enjoyable. The country house accommodation in the Sussex Downs and the usual plentiful and delicious food provided my Holiday Friendship staff made for an unforgettable, rewarding and pleasant holiday.


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