Winchester Hampshire Writers’ Festival and book fair

Monday, 2nd July 2018

Fortunately I sold  a good number of books. Those who had read by autobiography ‘Dropping The Habit’ came back for the novels.




Searching for Love reveals convent life during the 1970s as seen through the eyes of Frankie, an innocent young postulant and her friend, Margaret, who form a close relationship, which is discouraged by the nuns. Readers are offered glimpses of harsh practices, contrasted with comic interludes, that trace Frankie’s gradual disillusionment as she struggles with her dilemma: love, or the church?

’Followers of the television series, Call the Midwife,

will enjoy this compelling and unusual story

Barbara Large MBE


A Love as Strong is a tender sequel to Searching

for Love that reveals Frankie’s new life as a teacher

after she left the convent. Readers will enjoy reading

her naive encounters as she searches for a loving

partner. This exceptional book traces the transition

of the Frankie, as she explores her new life and

her encounters with potential suitors. Readers will

revel in the final chapters as she forms a cherished

relationship with the man of her dreams.

‘Enjoyable, well written and entertaining’, Poolbeg Press.

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