Almost ready to publish my two novels

Wednesday, 7th February 2018

Two novels ready to publish!

Searching For Love & Love As Strong
I am so pleased that these two novels are almost ready to put on Amazon and elsewhere.

Barbara Large, with whom I had been meeting for direction and support for at least seven years became ill in November last year. I learnt such a good deal from her. She corrected, made suggestions and guided me in my writing. It was therefore sad for both of us that she was not well enough to take me to the final stages of publishing.

I could not have achieved my goal without the help of my nephew, Mark Stay. As an author, script film writer and someone who, has been employed by the Orion Press Publishing Group, has invaluable inside information and experience. I am very grateful for his up-to-date support and direction.

Mark Stay

I have been fortunate in receiving two excellent blogs from Poolbeg the publishers of my autobiography, Dropping The Habit and Barbara Large.
Hi Marion
Thank you so much for your patience and I’m sorry to say that, after reading
your two books and discussion, we have regretfully decided not to take them
We really enjoyed the books. They held the interest and we found them well
written, very readable and entertaining. However, in the end we felt that
their appeal would be too narrow and in today’s very tough market we were
not confident that we could make them successful. We really do have to
exercise great caution in what we take on these days especially in the area
of fiction.
You should certainly see to putting them online in e-book form as then you
would be able to aim them at a niche market for readers who are looking for
just that kind of book?
Thanks for letting us have a look,
Very best wishes
Paula Campbell Poolbeg
From Poolbeg’s editor Gaye Shortland:
Searching for Love
“A heartfelt moving story of convent life that charms from start to finish. Its energetic style and vivid characters draw us along at a lively pace. It doesn’t shy away from pain yet its wit and humour infuses all and make it a most enjoyable read.”
Poolbeg Press
Love as Strong as the Tuscan Hills
“Original, brave and searingly honest. An ex-nun searches for love while she tries to find her feet in    a world which is now foreign to her. We follow her on her quest with bated breath as, with wry self-deprecating humour, she recounts many a blunder and painful trip-up on her way. An engrossing read.”
Poolbeg Press
Gaye Shortland
Then from Barbara Large
Searching For Love reveals convent life during the 1970’s as seen through the eyes of Frankie, an innocent young postulant and her friend, Margaret, who form a close relationship, which is discouraged by the nuns. Readers are offered glimpses of harsh practices, counter-poised with comic interludes, that trace Frankie’s gradual disillusionment as she decides to leave the convent for a new life in a very modern world. Followers of the television series, Call the Midwife, will enjoy this compelling and unusual story.
Barbara Large MBE
‘Love As Strong As The Tuscan Hills’, is a tender love story, that reveals Frankie’s new life as a teacher, after she left the convent. Readers will enjoy reading her naive encounters as she searches for a loving partner. Packed with humour and poignancy, this exceptional book traces the transition of the viewpoint character, Frankie, as she explores her new life and her encounters with potential suitors. Readers will revel in the final chapters as she forms a cherished relationship with Richard, the man of her dreams.
Barbara Large MBE
Mark found me a super chap, Andrew Bowden, to design the covers. We’re nearly there! I await further instructions.

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