Dropping the Habit

Dropping the HabitMarion Dante always knew she would be a nun. She was born in answer to prayer. Was she her mother’s “sin offering”? Having conceived her out of wedlock, had her mother promised God that she would offer her back to Him?

At the age of 14, she left home and started her training to become a Salesian Sister in Chertsey Surrey. Fired with the desire to save souls she eventually became a nun and a successful teacher and spent many happy and eventful years in the convent. Why then did she leave the convent 33 years later? What triggered her breakdown?

Institutionalized, she struggled to adapt to life in Civvie Street. Everyday things we take for granted were all mountains for Marion to climb.

In this gripping, honest book, Marion bares her soul. She also opens the door to the convent and invites us in.

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