3rd May 2008: BBC Radio 4 – Saturday Live
Marion Dante spent 32 years serving as a Salesian nun before finally leaving in 1991. Dropping the Habit by Marion Dante is published by Poolbeg. She recalls her life.

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27th June 2009: BBC World Service – Heart & Soul
She lived as a nun from the age of 14 and thirty years later, Marion Dante left the order to adapt to a secular life. In this edition of Heart and Soul, listen to her personal account of living as a Salesian nun and how she coped with life when she left the order following what she described as a ‘spiritual crisis’.

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“If you ever needed evidence that the ancient superstitions we call religion can really screw up peoples’ lives, then look no further than this book. Marion Dante’s only ‘sin’ is that she had the bad luck to be conceived out of wedlock in 1940s Ireland. As a result she became inveigled in the Catholic Church, leading a life as a Salesian Nun. This is a refreshing antidote to the usual ‘all nuns/priests are evil’ misery memoirs out there. The author doesn’t want your pity, she tells her story in a simple and straightforward fashion with gentle humour.”

— Review on Amazon by Mark Stay