Friday, 2nd March 2018

Fortunately, I have enough food and am warm. I had to cancel the talk I was booked to give, my visit to the theatre etc. However, being confined to my home has meant that I have caught up with many tasks that I wanted to complete.

Practising my ukulele, singing, yoga and reading, blogging,  trying to get a better deal on my gas and electricity bills, updating my computer connections, entering writing competitions, checking my Will and much else. Being able to keep to a routine is a bonus. Convent timetabling has provided me with structure. For this I am grateful.

Today when I phoned Barbara Large she congratulated me on gaining first prize in the Hampshire Writers’s Competition. I reminded her that the tuition that she has given me surely has been the reason why I succeeded. I am still amazed that I came first.

My entry:

Dank Kingdom
Strange! Disorientating. These woods are eerie at the best of time. But tonight. This squalling storm…What’s that? My Go….That shriek. There it is again…uncanny weird screech. Cry. Hawkish. If only I could see. Lashing, whirling rain. Hanging mist and the darkness. So spooky. Rustling, crackling, breaking branches. What’s happening. Soaked through every pore. Saturated. Dripping. Leaking. Unsteady. Swaying. Grasping. Slimy bark. Lightening! Oh no! What’s that? Wren sized. Moving…a creature…. an animal? Moved. Coming towards me. Whipping wind tearing asunder. Whipped beyond Beaufort. Lie down. Mossy soggy leaf bed. Wait for light. Wow! More lightening. Is that a face…. feelers, clawing hands, tentacles reaching out….waving! Was that what was calling? Beady, preying eyes. Who? What? discerning. ’Hi!’ No answer…disappeared…in a bush? Climbed a tree? Above? Behind? Bewildering. Splash! Swampy ….weird. There’s the thunder. Near? Definitely a cough. Freakishly ghostly…A face? Bearded. Peaked hat! Sprightly. Dancing. I do believe it’a mischievous leprechaun! Why wouldn’t it be? Sure aman’t I in the enchanted wood on the Kingdom of Kerry. A rainbow? Gold?

One response to “Snowed-in”

  1. Marianne Mezza Rossato says:

    Congratulations Marion … I thoroughly enjoyed reading your winning entry. Well done!
    I’ve never really thought about it but I must admit, that I too am grateful for 15 years of Salesian Convent life … timetabling, routine and prioritizing have become my strengths.